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domestic and foreign trade office



Below the list of key features of our electronic catalog system webSkat has been pointed out.

  • Products catalogs
  • Advanced classification system (global classifications, classifications whole-part)
  • Price lists
  • Different prices for the same products in the catalogs for different customers
  • Different catalogs visible up the the supplier and customer (buyer)
  • Sophisticated prices calculation system for products (exact price, discounts, price levels)
  • Reporting in following formats: xml, html, pdf
  • Advanced products searching system (searching for product prices, searching in catalog etc)
  • Products location in classification (in which machines gasket PL242667 exists)
  • Shopping basket with ordered products
  • Order send automatically via email or fax
  • Multi language user interface
  • Multi language catalog data
  • Support for vector pictures (SVG) and raster pictures (jpg, png, tiff)
  • Automatic conversion of vector picture (SVG) to raster picture (jpg, png, tiff)
  • Pictures download
  • Advanced based on LDAP users system
  • Login based on user/password/organisation

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