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domestic and foreign trade office


The culture

Our company has many-year experience in foreign trade. The professionalism is the way of our job treatment which has main determinant- satisfaction and confidence of our customers.

The trust is a principal feature which allows us to run many-year co-operation with the most demanding business partners.

The solidity is a foundation of our success. We have been operating on Polish and foreign market since year 1994. The reliability and honesty in practice of our functions creates confidential and exceptional environment to work.

We are informing, negotiating - clearly, objectively and exhaustively. We do not leave place for insinuations, thanks to it there is a pleasure to make business with us. We do like surprising situations and challenges and the dialogue is an instrument to compromise. We profess a principle- "the better is to talk with somebody than about someone". We offer help and we find problem's solutions understanding our Client's needs.

Innovation in activities is typical of us. We are analyzing the environment all the time and we are looking for the best solutions constantly. We are putting into practice the newest technical solutions so as our final services gain approval of our customers. We are making attractive the form of rendered services, we are extending assortment of delivered goods by us, we are increasing rapidness of activity minimizing the cost of our work.
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