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We are authorized distributor of WSK PZL Rzeszów S.A. We offer spare parts and complete turbochargers for automotive industry according to specification:

Turbocharger B4A - 49.18.5000
Turbocharger B4C - 49.22.6000
Turbocharger B4C - 49.25.6000
Turbocharger B4C - 49.26.6000
Turbocharger B4C - 49.27.6000
Turbocharger B3A - 49.31.1000
Turbocharger B3A - 49.31.6000
Turbocharger B3C - 49.32.1000
Turbocharger B3C - 49.32.2000
Turbocharger B65 - 49.81.2000

Vib. damper - 50.21.3000
Vib. damper - 50.22.6000
Vib. damper - 50.23.3000

We guarantee attractive price offer.
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Our products are made in Polish factories with the highest European standards, they are first quality and safe for human live and natural environment.

Original spare parts- firmness and security.

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