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Gear boxes

GEAR BOXES to caterpillar tractors:

  • TD-7H (D-ł2), TD-8H (D-ł8), TD-9H (D-ł9), TD-8H-DD
  • TD-12C
  • TD-15C, TD-175C
  • TD-20G, TD-20H
  • TD-25G
  • TD-40B, TD-40C

    GEAR BOXES to loaders:

  • 510C, 515C, 520C
  • SB-165
  • SB-233
  • P-3000, 560B, 560C
  • U35-606
  • U35-605
  • U35-607
  • U35-615

    TURN GEARS to caterpillar tractors:

  • TD-12C, TD-15E (onerun)
  • TD-12C, TD-15E (tworun)
  • TD-20G, TD-20H (onerun)
  • TD-20G, TD-20H (tworun)
  • TD-25G (tworun)
  • TD-40B, TD-40C (tworun)

    LATERAL TRANSMISSIONS to caterpillar tractors:

  • TD-7H (D-ł2), TD-8H (D-ł8), TD-9H (D-ł9)
  • TD-12C
  • TD-15E
  • TD-15C, TD-175C
  • TD-20G
  • TD-40B, TD-40C

    DRIVING AXLES to loaders:

  • 510C, 515C
  • 520C

    We also offer:

  • cylindricals gears with straight and skew teeth,
  • chain toothed wheels,
  • toothed rings with external and internal teeth,
  • toothed shafts,
  • worms and wormwheels,
  • conical totheed wheels with straight and circular-arc teeth type GLEASON,
  • gear boxes rollers,
  • hubs,
  • couling discs,
  • cases and gear covers,
  • cases of driving axles,
  • collectors and pressure pistons,
  • jarzma i kosze satelitów.
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